Brabant Innovation Day
Drupal 8, Javascript, Sass

For the provice of Brabant we designed and developed an event site for the Brabant Innovation Day. An international event to promote Brabant technology and companies around the world.
Kirby CMS, Sass

Personal site for Theater technician Floris Vermist. Featuring projects, tags, highlights and imagegalleries.

Meaning Seeking Animals
EJS, Node.js, MongoDB Mollie Payments

As a result, the publication borrows from cartography, as it sets the reader adrift on a topographic map of sentences and paragraphs “as it is high time for cartography to take its place among the arts and for the atlas to be recognised as literature, for it is more than worthy of its original name, theatrum ordis terrarum, the theatre of the world”.

Radio, Techno, Fossil
EJS, Node.js, MongoDB Mollie Payments, Weather API, Mobile Gyroscope API

The publication tunes into our highly textured and complex radio environment by subjecting itself to the unpredictability, seasonality, solar circles of the ionosphere and the current location of the reader. The publication embeds itself by using real time ionospheric measurements to determine how much publication and how much environment arrives.

Publish or Perish!
Node.js, MongoDB, Fabric.js

Do you feel a sense of dread when you open Adobe Indesign or Microsoft Word? If so, Publish or Perish! is the Desktop Publishing tool that’s right for you. With its pressure cooking countdown, a series of sudden disruptions, and achievements to get, Publish or Perish! makes Desktop Publishing challenging like it was back in the days. Publish or Perish! will catapult you to a place where software meets the unexpected. Publish or Perish is the name for the research and creation project that Silvio Lorusso and Stef Kors, on behalf of the PublishingLab of Amsterdam, have developed for Foto Colectania. This commission has materialized in a free online digital content publishing web/app with the capacity to publish both images and texts. The work was presented in Barcelona during a Printing Party at Foto Colectania as part of the DONE3 festival.

Artificial Intelligence never has a headache
EJS, Node.js, MongoDB Mollie Payments

The publication imagines a possible future format for tech related theory which — with the constant updates of technology— tend to see the edge of obsolescence straight out of the publisher’s door. Borrowing from version technologies and software lingo, the publication explores what an edition would mean or look like when it occurs as often as update rollups.

Biometric Interface
Canvas, Affectiva API

For Yun Ingrid Eel's performance On Illegibility I built an Biometric Interface which shows RACE, SEX and AGE of the person via facial recognition. With this work Yun Ingrid Eel performed at Sonic Acts Academy 2018 in Amsterdam.
Kirby CMS

ArtScience Forum (ASF) is a platform for open discussion and critical reflection on ArtScience practice(s) today. This website features five different types of articles which are all available directly from the homepage. Using the Kirby CMS makes it easy to add, remove and modify articles.
HTML, CSS, Javascript

A personal site for Joost Kors. Based around his projects in the field of architecture. The site contains of a homepage, project page and archive.

Poetics and Politics of Erasure
EJS, Node.js, MongoDB Mollie Payments

Poetics and Politics of Erasure is a multidisciplinary essay on the aesthetics and politics of erasure. The framework for erasure is drawn from a critique of accelerationism, the video game Katamari Damacy, and internet aesthetics. It begins by investigating power relations in dominant archival practices, before tracing how memory storage technology (from the written word to the internet) reinforces hierarchical models of knowledge, and finally posing the generative potential of erasure in alternative models of knowing, doing, and being. It does so by locating strategies of erasure in audio, visual, and digital cultures in the forms of: erasure/forgetting, translation/mutation, and recontextualizing/remythologizing. had a small feature in the Sonic Acts Academy book.

Textual and morphological observation of comments sections
Indesign, Research

This zine is a series that exist out of the four parts: Texts, Taxonomy, Specimens & Community Guidelines. Showing the information — fragmentarily and outside of their original contexts, throughout the four parts — enables us to highlight the individual.

WPG Media
Sketching, User-Research, Prototyping

In a collaboration between the Hogeschool van Amsterdam's PublishingLab and WPG media our team is doing a project about storytelling, transmedia and the development of new ways of reading. We are working on how to maximize the reading experience and the attention accompanying a new book to appear.
HTML, CSS, Javascript

Business development for Flexicorn Corp. Art project by Luke Boorman, exhibited at the graduation festival at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. (selfhosted backup)

Where the money is made, transaction counter
HTML, CSS, Javascript

For Eline Benjaminsen's work "Where the money is made" I made a single page website that illustrates the speed of hi-frequency trading transactions. Exhibited at the graduation festival at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague and the Nederlands Fotografie Museum

Bynder Onboarding User Experience
Sketching, User-Research, Prototyping

User research and User Experience Design for the onboarding process of Bynder Orbit. While developing this feature I interviewed a large number of clients..
HTML, CSS, Javascript

This site was built to showcase the story and emotions that occured during the research of Victoria Douka-Doukopoulou into Algae.

part preface / part acknowledgements
EJS, Node.js, MongoDB Mollie Payments is an experimental publication project, of size exactly equal to the area of 1 chain by 1 furlong that aims to utilize the omnidirectional website space to seed works.

Sketching, User-Research, Prototyping

For ProRail we design the trainstation of the future. Co-Designing with the train commuters we developed SwiftPark, the easiest way to get from and to the trainstation.

Reminiscence room
Sketching, User-Research, Prototyping

Project developed in with the support of Jeroen Arendsen from Sherpa. Reminiscing of familiar experiences can be used as active therapy for clients who are in the early stages of dementia. Especially with clients who have mental disabilities, where dementia could start as early as 40 years old. Our team designed a workflow to capture, edit and organise the experiences in a way where the patients of Sherpa are involved in most of the steps.

Notes/Research App
Service Design, Sketching, User-Research

In the spring of 2016 I was asked to design an application that could help students and designers keep track of their research and progress. Through design research I was able to determine that most students, artists and designers are using software that isn’t optimised for their way of working. For them I designed a digital notebook to collect and expand their research
Sketch, Invision

As a design intern at Mangrove I worked closely with designer, Ivar van den Broek on Mangrove and the Dutch Hart Foundation have been working together for a number of years. During this project I was responsible for designing the website, interpreting user-research feedback and iterating the design.

SyntaxCheck Safari-plugin

Safari Extension for Syntax Checking on MDN, currently a MVP. This extension makes it easy to search Mozilla Developer Network. Just click the icon and search.

Stef Kors is a Developer with a background in Design and User Research. He likes to work on the intersection of design and code, building great websites with great people.

Together with Victoria and Titus he runs A online publisher for experimental long-form writing.

He has worked at Ontwerpwerk. Before his current job he worked and interned at PublishingLab, Bynder, Mangrove, Studio Van Den.

In he completed a bachelor in Communication and Multimedia Design at The Hague University of Applied Sciences with minors in Service Design and Co-Design. He likes to work design, prototype and build things — online and offline — that work well and efficiently.